Thursday, March 12, 2009

I wouldn't do a REDO

You know that old saying "Careful what you wish for?" That's definetly a motto that I live by, because changing a point in your life could do just that- change your life! In any case, why fix what’s not broken? As corny as it may sound, but yeah, that is the truth.

Of course, there are some good old memories that we all wanna relive, but, alas! There doesn’t happen to be any time machine! :(

It's actually a tough question - "Would I change a moment in life?". Can’t say about the future but I guess atleast at this point in time, I don’t want a “do-over” for any thing because there is no guarantee that I would be any happier with the result. You can't change the past – only make your future better…

Moreover, I am of the belief that every decision I’ve made, whether good or bad, collectively makes me the person that I am today….
Even at times, when things didn’t go as planned, or as I wish they could, they still served to make me stronger & all the more wiser.

Things in life happen to us to make us who we are. Bad things happen to teach us lessons, relationships come and go to teach us appreciation for the good ones. I too, like anybody else, have made mistakes but they are mine & I know everything that happens eventually turns out to be a blessing in disguise!

Looking back at the year that was, it's quite hard to believe that it's ME who has learnt to appreciate life as it is!

Probably this is how life schools us in its own bizzare but allusive ways...

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