Monday, June 29, 2009

Weekend in Doon

I remember how fervid I was Friday night to depart for Dehradun the next morning. Guess didn’t even sleep properly that night. But that doesn’t matter. When all you are looking forward to is visiting this beautiful small city- nothing else really matters. Time just flies when you want to hold onto those brief moments in time hoping they could last a little longer. Finally left on Saturday in the afternoon, although we were scheduled to leave early morning. Reached Doon late that evening & after consuming the dinner we'd ordered from a nearby restuarant, went to visit some relatives around 11, tired after which I finally hit the bed around 1 in the night.

Sunday, 28th June ‘09 - Nephew's B'day

None of us seemed to remember that there was this thing called an alarm clock that you’re expected to use in case you need to wake up early & shamelessly, despite knowing that we were supposed to report at my brother’s house early , I got up around 9 in the morning. While others were getting ready, I was still trying to fight sleep, but eventually managed to get out of bed to take a bath and headed to my cousin’s place with family. But as anticipated, the other guests had arrived, the pooja was over, and needless to say, everybody was furious due to our late arrival. Anyways, I was pleased to meet other family members after such a long time, some of which stay at a 10 min. distance, back in my hometown.

Then after a palatable, though oleaginous breakfast, we proceeded to head off to the market only to be reminded that all markets in Dehradun remain closed on Sunday. I then wondered- couldn’t these shopkeepers settle for another day, a Monday or Tuesday perhaps? Well, avoiding the raging heat outside, we all came downstairs and moved to the bedroom where began this hour long game of Antaakshari with none of us playing by the rules. The “UP wale bhaiya” from Etah, also known as Priyanshu, tried his hand at dholak. It took me quite some time to finally believe that he was actually my cousin’s very good friend. The best was yet to come when the ladies present recited a “jachcha” , the meaning of which again needed to be explained to all others present, including me, since the words used were unfathomable [initially atleast] but finally began to make some sense.

In the hope of getting some sleep after a heavy lunch, we returned home late that afternoon, so that all would be brisker for the party in the evening. But how do you sleep when the temp. outside is 40 degrees , the air-conditioner in the room doesn’t recede the heat in anyways, and on top of it, you have all your family members sitting by your side who seem to have enough stamina to discuss some so called important and relevant stuff. I thought that may be listening to their opinions, without adding any from my side, was the only best thing I could do at the moment. It was soon 5 o’ clock, & I headed to take a bath, and in the process of the same, I found that the water supply had just stopped! Frustrated as I was, I thought to myself: Now, how ridiculous can this all get? Somehow, the issued was resolved and I came out of the bathroom, crabby.

Soon everyone else also got ready and we reached Hotel Classic, which was the venue for Mahi’s first birthday celebrations - the prime reason for the family to get together over the weekend.

Well, we then cut the cake, minutes after which, I was almost soaked in the first showers of rain. Monsoon was here, finally! But all of us had to rush to the adjacent hall that was choosen as a substitute in the event of any such rain, which was somewhat untimely, pertaining to the ongoing party and its location. Anyways, the hall was way too small to accommodate so many people, and soon became suffocated. Adding to my dismay, the pedestal fans were also not working, let alone the AC!

That didn’t matter much since I was once again busy chatting with the people around. A series of comical events folllowed that evening, and I burst into a fit of laughter after a hilarious statement from a waiter who was trying to fix the fan positioned next to my chair :)

After noticing that I was laughing like crazy, one of my cousins came over and drew a chair next to mine. I tried really hard to smother the cackle but it took me another 10 min. to do the same.

Anyways, bro soon figured it out and we continued talking for quite sometime while sharing the dinner and the desert, for he himself was too tired to get up and fetch a plate for himself. He also came to the conclusion, like my mom and others, that I have put on enough weight and anymore than the present would not be tolerated. He even suggested that I need a hairdo, but the proposal was rejected faster than it had come, given the not-so good condition of my hair these days.

If anyone has a remedy for thinning hair, do let me know. Now that it is monsoon time, it worries me all the more.

The day was soon over & everybody bid each other goodbye and like Cindrella, headed home before the clock struck 12.

In short the last two days, were simply fantastic. After a grueling and stressful week, the trip to Dehradun over the weekend has revived me now. And I don’t know when will I get another chance to visit this lovely city- one that never fails to rejuvenate me, despite the terrible scorching heat!


  1. ty for visiting my online home :)

    u hv a lovely blog urself. And Im glad u had a great relaxing n happy few days with ur folks.


  2. Thanks Keshi!

    Yep, I had a great time with friends n family this weekend!

    And as of now, I'm busy reading other wonderful posts on your blog :)

    Take care dear:)

  3. hi! harini here and this is the first time im visiting your blog.. real cute post!!

    yeah all those "fun" days just stay stacked in your head forever!!

    a lovely blog you got here!! will real your other posts soon!
    till then, take care!

  4. @ Harini,


    Yep, it's these fun times with our dear ones which pull us back there and even in the face of all doom n gloom manage to bring a smile on our faces:)

    Just adding some more to that little memory box I have...

  5. hmmm...gud work done, u sagacious girl...
    u wrote a vivid description of ur experience..
    but u know one thing i can see the real anubha in this one..well continue doing showing ur eloquence..all d best...