Saturday, July 25, 2009

Idea of being human

Finally!! This weekend allows me some time to get back to my blog- something I’d long been waiting to do. With my current routine which I believe is only gonna persist and gonna become more rigid with time, my posts here or elsewhere are gonna be contemptibly limited. In the past one week alone, there have been several occasions when I had this spur to write about things that I felt are relevant ruminating upon and more so, the things which were relatively trivial but now that I’ve more consequential stuff keeping me busy, this whole blogging business is gonna take a backseat.

Anyways, this post is in response to SUNDAY SCRIBBLINGS #170 and is something that has always been at the back of my mind.

What does it mean to be human??

At the change of millennia, our specifically human ability to ask this question has kept me wondering for a long time. But now I somewhat have the clue to one of the most essential questions facing each one of us born on this planet.

When I think about what it means to be human many images come into view. One image that makes me really aware is what happens when a rock or pebble is thrown into the water, creating ripples that go on and on. What it means to be human is to be impacted by the ripples that are coming from people elsewhere. Being human means knowing that we are both at the center and on the edge of those ripples, that have the capacity to impact and be impacted by others in many ways.

It is seeing yourself in others. It is understanding the art of me, the art of we. It is being able to smile, to sing, to feel, to bring out the gifts of creation, to think out loud, to be in love and know that we can be loving. It is to appreciate every drop of water. It is to feel the warmth of the sun and to marvel at the beauty and the expanse of the night sky. It is to stand in awe of who we are and where we live. It is to see the earth with the eyes of an astronaut. To be human is to be aware of our dependence upon the whole of the universe and of the miracle that we are. In other words, being able to understand our own insignificance in the totality of things. It is to recognize those cultural perspectives that bind us to tribe, sect, religion or nation and to rise above them- to feel the pain of the dispossessed & the downtrodden.

It is to recognize good and evil and choose good. It is to consider with the heart and to act with conscience.It is to choose the path of compassion, rather than the path of complacency. It is to find ourselves behind our names- to explore the depths and boundaries of our existence; to learn from those who have preceded us and to act with due concern for those who will follow us.

We are all born with the potential to become human. How we choose to live will be the measure of our humanness. Civilization does not assure civility. Nor does being born into the human species. We must each tread our own path in order to find the answer to this central question which concerns and affects each and every one of us.


  1. It is to recognize good and evil and choose good

    I agree with it! =)
    Awesome post enjoyed reading it. Hope to see you back on blog-world with many more posts! =)

  2. Thanks Esther!
    I too hope to get back soon :)

  3. Great post.Have a happy Independence Day!

  4. Ah. so well put. the ripple theory so similar to one of my theories. except for one thing. i nvr culd relate it to pebble thrown into water. now thats creative.

    but as for the choice of good over evil , it's vague i guess. good and means the other. this could make a good read for you if not a crazy one ..

    though i believe answers to most of the complex question is an obvious one.. i'm yet to find out what is good , god n life and there won't be any better time than the coming yrs to unearth the answer or maybe realize the question first.

    but i am sure there will be alot to learn from you.. :)
    nice one.

  5. @ Mr. Tachyon,

    Thanks for your appreciative comments!
    The real world doesn't work within set parameters - only fuzzy boundaries of normalcy. And even the argument of good vs bad is relative.

    For me, good and evil are concepts in morality. And morality is about choice. A choice is good or evil, determined by factors such as what virtues or vices it promotes and what overall effect it has on a person, those around them, and the world at large. There is no good or evil without a choice and complex factors in our nature make both kinds of choices possible. So to say that we are inherently moral or immoral makes absolutely no sense. It's simply a matter of what aspects of our nature we choose to nourish, encourage, and pay heed to.

    Anyways, too much philosophy now!
    I hope that in times to come you are able to find the seemingly obvious answers to those complex questions of life...

    For me it look a lot of time to grasp some of those answers, and I am yet on my path to figure out the rest...

    As a matter of fact, it's difficult to see and implement the most obvious things in life! Ain't that strange?

    BTW, do I know you?