Friday, July 3, 2009

What's next for this megalomaniac??

In Uttar Pradesh, the world is configured a little differently from the rest of India. Big B does not mean Amitabh Bachchan, here it means Behenji. Problems like food, drinking water, education or housing are minor. The major problem plaguing this poor state is an abject lack of great statues.

And so, we have our CM- our Chief Matriarch, Mayawati to the rescue, who to the amazement or horror of the people of UP [ depending on which side of Behenji’s favour they lie] has spent Rs.1000 crores of public money on statues. I was just going through the newspaper in the morning when I read that alongside other Dalit leaders like BR Ambedkar and Kashiram, she has commissioned the erection of her own grand statues & reports suggest that a 16-feet-tall statue is proposed in the neighbourhood of BSP’s inspiration home where Mayawati had got her first statue installed, inside an imposing stone structure shaped like a Buddhist Stupa. I dread to think what Lord Buddha must be undergoing, witnessing her antics.

But in a way, it is an achievement, a rare feat: I mean who has, before this, installed statues of himself or herself at such a massive scale? And, I don't think any politician in India has ever had a statue installed whilst they were still alive- weren’t they supposed to be for the dead? Well, Madam knows best! I am at a loss to decipher the mentality that goes behind this crass display of absolute power since in her case minimum sense seems to noticeably absent.

I am sure, Dr. Ambedkar, a man known for his humility, who has been forced to stand alongside Mayawati in this statue-making spree[the so-called leader of the Dalits] and bear the brunt of media-glare, must be cursing his fate & Mahatama Gandhi must be thinking that he did so much for the country and still could not manage so many installations.

The report in the daily newspaper even suggested that an identical statue is planned for Kashi Ram Memorial that's coming up on a sprawling 32-acre plot of land taken from the Lucknow district jail and is slated to cost the state exchequer about Rs.3.5 billion. But what is a billion here or there when it is Behenji's prestige that is at stake?

However sculptor Ram Sutar, who has been assigned to create these statues in bronze ( I am surprised she has not already asked for silver and gold ones) admitted that he was on the job and had been asked to accomplish the task at speed. Of course, they will simply halt all the state government projects and work and you will have it in a jiffy.

It is also said that each will weigh between 20 and 25 tonnes. Well, considering the weight of the original,this seems like a fair estimate of the statue's weight!
If you observe closely, you’ll notice that Mayawati’s stiffened posture resembles Britney Spears’ famous ‘Gimme More’ pose with one hand on an imaginary microphone and another on her pelvis. Though now I believe she’s opted this more nuanced and sophisticated Gabbar Singh pose from Sholay, as if asking ‘Kitne statue they?’

Mayawati’s megalomania is not something new. Diamond rings, bejeweled necklaces, grand birthday bashes and now statues. But one wonders where is this all headed and if Behenji actually is planning to beat some world record before 2012 and get her own pyramid commissioned before the next assembly elections in UP !!


  1. LOLz...

    Mayavathi's statue resembles britney's "gimme more" pose..?? haha...

    Hmmm politicians always need more and more, no matter what...

    I am visiting your blog for the first time too :-)

    Good to see someone is alike me, at least when it comes to "what i think about myself"...

    I think our thoughts would connect well :-)

    One more thing,its a,most four months you started blogging, why dont i see your blog filled with widgets..?

    Here you go.. adde few..

    I have many suggestions on mind :-P but its not the right time( after all its just first time ).


  2. Hi Anubha,

    This is really nice to read. I like your sense of humour a lot, e.g.:Gabbar: Kitne statues thhey?

    Keep up the good work. Following your blog from now.

  3. In UP, Big B does not mean Amitabh Bachchan. It means Mayawati. Gr8 going.

  4. I just read the article on her in TOI, and you comepletely echoed my thoughts on this. That article's a must read !

    What I am wondering, isnt she answerable to anybody - the central govt or smth ? All that moner is nothing but revenue collected from the citizens of this country, and instead of using it in a constructive manner wtf did she do ! Specially when the nations still in the throes of recession.

    Like I author of the article in TOI said, it would have been a diff story if she'd opted to make a Guggenheim or a Sydney Opera house and given the nation a new architectural icon to show the world.

    But nope, when has sanity taken over effin madness and hence,she chose to be a crackhead on dope instead !

    Loved this post !
    And hey thnx for droppin by.

  5. And oh, her staute is a must see ! The hangbag is hillarious !!

  6. @ Mahesh

    Thanks for your comments! :)

    Well, why you don't see any widgets on my blog is because I don't like adorning my baggage & prefer to see my blog [like all other belongings] neat and uncluttered.

    Too much of anything simply stifles me.

    Take care!

    Thanks for dropping by :)

  7. @ Ayesha

    Thanks for your comments dear :)
    I am also looking forward to seeing other wonderful posts from you in the future!
    You take care & have fun! :)

  8. @ Cindrella,

    In ancient history, there were many dynasties and empires which showed the excellence of the king. Even though it is 21st century, there is still a kind of rabidity or a passion for showing off that legacy! [In UP atleast]

    Not everything has changed; only the process of working has changed. King’s rule is absent only in name but minister's rule is still there!

    And I guess Guggenheim or a Sydney Opera house would be too much to ask of a person like Mayawati! Lol :D

    Thanks for your comments & take care dear :)

  9. @ Neeraj,

    Sad, but that's how it is & we don't expect anything new, until at least 2012 ;)