Saturday, August 29, 2009

Travesty of National Spirit

The truth is out. The beans are spilt by the dissidents.

While time owes it to the nation to set records straight, I wish it were done in a more honourable and statesmanlike manner.

Last week, expulsion of Jaswant Singh from Bhartiya Janta Party had hit the headlines. According to the party members, he has been sacked because of his deviation from party ideologies.

Jaswant Singh has always been known for his moderate political opinions and liberal thoughts. He had been associated with the party for more than 30 years through its thick and thin, through its various forays, downfall and even resurrection to power when he had served the country as its Finance Minister. His new book "Jinnah: India-Partition-Independence" could not go down too well with the rest of the party members as he tried to put forward an opinion which is a lot different from their perception of the history of Indian Independence. A mere criticism of what happened then and what led to the partition of India turned into an acerbic debate and mud slinging and the writings of the man who tried to show them another side of the same story became a sacrilege leading to his expulsion!!

Both the countries have still not been able to come to make peace with the reality, past and therefore they still keep blaming each other. But is it justified to let your beliefs and loyalty to party ideologies take a toll on your freedom of expression or is it even justified to just overlook what he has done for the party in the last 30 years on whimsical grounds of labeling him as less national or less responsible to the nation??

In my opinion the whole drama is indeed shameful!

Jaswant Singh was one of the main pillars of BJP. Even in the tough time he was standing tall supporting the Party. But somewhere in my mind I strongly feel that the court marshal done was all an impulsive decision and they will regret this soon. Wonder if BJP is all set to become history?

In our country politicians are in continuous search for any loophole left by the ruling party so that they can stand against them and in this letting down each other, the betterment of country seems lost somewhere.

Shouldn’t the loyalty of elected representatives of the people be towards the country first, and only then towards their party??

I guess, we have become a cynical nation which no longer expects from our leaders statesmanship, honesty and dedication to the nation…


  1. A thought-provoking, sensible write-up. Thanks a lot :)

  2. It's quiet shameful for the whole country that the political career of mr. jaswant singh has come to this conclusion......they say that ours is a democratic country but if someone like jaswant singh who has been the finance minister of the country and has given his whole life to indian politics ,can be expelled from his party on grounds of sheer nonsense , one can very well imagine the state of common man when left at hands of bjp....i dont think bjp holds a ideology other than hindutv and all their decisions and opinions revolve around the same idiotic mess.... lust for votes and power has become so massive that they no longer care about their own party people...

    anyway. nice posts. gtsy interestd in politics.

  3. @ Mr. Tachyon,

    Absolutely correct!

    I think politicians can be so boringly predictable for that matter! These people clearly go by convinience and not principle. I remember when in 2007 BJP leader VK Malhotra had spoken in favour of free speech. He demanded that Taslima Nasreen “be given full protection and citizenship” and said that “India believes in freedom of speech.” But does anyone in politics go by their words , let alone BJP?? I seriously doubt!!

    The language of politics is couched in doublespeak, and Indian politics is all about double standards.

    Anyways, thanks for dropping by...
    Take care..