Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Birthday Candy :)

This is a blog post to express my heartfelt gratitude to all these wonderful people who made my birthday today so very special - especially Rohit, Abhi n Apoorv for such splendid arrangements! Right from the conf. call at 12 in the night to the birthday party @ Shipra , from the lovely birthday presents to your thoughtful birthday wishes- Thank you guys for all your efforts & how can I forget the cake!! :P
I have to admit this - it was the BEST chocolate cake I’ve had in a really long time :)

My day today started off quite well with a call from parents wishing me happy birthday! The first call was actually at 5 in the morning which actually went unattended since I retired to bed quite late last night, around 3 I guess. [All thanks to my amazing friends in the hostel]. And obviously when three alarms at a time can’t push me off the bed, how then could a call do so ? But to my Dad’s surprise I eventually picked up the phone when he called the second time.

This was followed by other calls from some close friends , a bath , a hot coffee which I shared with Sharni (Yes, I needed it badly to keep my eyes wide open) and then eventually heading off for the P&C class (all in the course of some 40 minutes) only to be given a lecture on how important it is to have good listening skills in order to maintain a great over view of your status or standing. Nevertheless, it was better than having an EC lecture right in the morning! After the next class we headed off to Shipra- a much needed outing after the stressful T1’s and needless to say, the afternoon was absolute fun . Giving Annapurna a break, all of us went to Papa John’s where to my surprise, some pleasant arrangements had been done already. And Vaidik that reminds me- the next time any one of us needs the ID-Cards arranged, I’m gonna recommend you right away:P

Many a newspaper stories from days gone by were concluded with the words, “and a good time was had by all”. I certainly think this sentiment applies to the fantastic birthday that I had today & my special day was made all the more wonderful- thanks to the slew of lovely birthday wishes that came from my batchmates! Utsav wanted me to say something about each one of us present there but I didn’t since 1)- We did something similar on our previous outing & 2)- I probably don’t know everyone so well as the rest, but there’s this one thing I know for sure that it was one of my best birthdays & I truly appreciate the efforts made by all of you!

So thank you so much guys ( Rohit, Apoorv, Abhi, Pearl, Yasheeka, Utsav, Vaidik, Tushar[treat due], Akshita, Kanika, Sharni & Mayank ) for such a fantastic time I had with you all!!

The best part of my day was yet to come- everyone I’m sure overheard our favourite & one and only- Mrs. Papia Chaudhary in the lab this evening :D She just made my day!!! :( Alright! Those of you who were present in the lab and are reading this at the moment, can please stop grinning now! It’s ok to get a scolding once in a while [ that was after a long while actually] . Ain’t it??

My outing with the family actually more than made up for the amazing two hours I had in the lab! And then the gift from my bro later that evening was something I’d been looking for since long and once I discovered what it was- I was simply beatific! Instant Smile :) He gave me this beautiful Idol of Ganpati- two days before the Ganesh Mahotsav ends! Don’t know when would it actually be possible but I truly hope that someday I can get to witness this event for myself!

Anyways, with that I spent some quiet time last evening reflecting on my recent past where each moment was filled with so many lessons that I needed to learn in order to grow as an individual. The deep truths can be taken away from any hour provided we wish to. Here are a few things that the last one year has taught me...

First, no matter how it turns out, it always ends up just the way it should be. Either you succeed or you learn something. Win-Win!
Second, in life it’s not about getting a chance, it’s about taking a chance. You’ll rarely be 100% sure something will work. But you can always be 100% sure that doing nothing won’t work. Sometimes you just have to go for it. And even though you think you can’t you can always press forward. It’s just a matter of wanting it bad enough.

Third, having a thousand credentials on the wall will not make you a decent human being. But amongst other things, genuinely helping even a single person whenever possible will! For even when you feel like you have nothing, someone else likely has far less. Just find them and help them n you’ll see why.
And last but not the least, happiness is a choice [sometimes amongst the hardest in life] that we must all try to make each moment in life, because life is highly unpredictable & we need to make the most outta it. At times, its hard- extremely hard, seems like its almost impossible, but if you chase it, you’ll eventually get it. I did!

I think I've had a pretty good run so far and have had the opportunity to experience some great things and meet some amazing people in life, but I believe that my best years are ahead of me and life has so much to offer and I have so much more to learn from it. It's important to believe in bigger things for ourselves. Whether you're a 6 year old child or an adult, it's important to continue thinking about your possibilities on a regular basis.

Ok-Ok! I know it’s getting boring and I’m already too sleepy [sleep deprived for the past 2 weeks] so I’ll just leave you with this one question-
“How Old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are??”

Answers anyone? :)


  1. i can't measure my age i can measure my experience.my experience tells me i am above 25.i can't measure my age but i can measure my energy. my energy is of an eighteen year old.maybe i can measur my age, maybe this is the age when life has meaning,it's highly unpredictable,it's full of joys.maybe it's the age of a teen transforming to an adolescent

  2. wow that really sound astounding:) Nicely & well planned arrangements made. Hats off to people that made this day very special for you:)

  3. glad that you liked it. :) i was so uncertain how things will go. you wouldn't find more naive person as me for an organizer. what cards.. what gifts .. cake .. eh. you must have seen rohit just before the celebration started. shaking literally. i had to ask him to stand still.
    hehe.. overall it was fun. and it couldn't have been better.

    papia did play her part though. one would nvr expect her wishing you bday and buying you gifts but atleast.. it wasn't the day for ticking off.

    "First, no matter how it turns out, it always ends up just the way it should be."
    - true indeed. there are certain things which aren't in our hands. it's for the universe(in cohelo's word) to decide. and if things turn upside down , don't whine. take merry upon the fact that you were true. and you tried.

    "happiness is a choice " - hum.. i would disagree. you can never choose to be happy. ppl believe that life is full of choices but if you really structure those, it all comes to be so simple. follow your heart or not to follow your heart. you see, answer to most of the complex questions is an obvious one. and happiness is a gift , a realization that the path chosen is right.

    .. you chose the right path so you are happy . isn't it ? or is it that you are happy that's coz you chose the right path ?

    "I think .... a regular basis. "

    you are amazing. :)

    as for the question, let rohit have his say. gl. tc

  4. @ Mr. Tachyon

    Yes, I choose that path which I knew can bring me happiness in life...atleast that is the choice I had with me even when certain things in life weren't going in the manner I expected them to...
    Anyways, as they say- "..to each his own!"

  5. "happiness is a choice".yes it is. i dunno why many disagree! if you do, then there is nothing you can choose. can u choose life ? can u choose relations ? can you choose success ? can you choose CHOICE!!!!!.i have answers to none but do have answer to one, I choose happiness by accepting what i accept and i let go of it (happiness) by protesting what needs to be accepted.being human i can't stop protesting and hence i can't be happy for the lifetime!!!!!

  6. Well said Abhi!!

    That's amongst the most crucial choices we all need to make in life...

    Happiness is an attitude, not a condition.
    It’s in the present, not in the distant promise of a “someday when…”. How much luckier we are—and how much more happiness we experience—if we can fall in love with the life we’re living.

    Happiness is a choice. We need to reach out for it at the moment it appears, like a balloon drifting seaward in a bright blue sky...

  7. hum.. debatable. it is not entirely a choice i guess. anyway. subjective.

  8. clarify people! clarify your take in a broader perspective.let's debate

  9. Oh so I missed it..
    Many many happy returns of the day...
    right now its 4 in the morning and you will be enjoying the pleasant sleep....
    In these peaceful hours when you are not even aware what lies ahead or who is praying for you..
    Real Happiness is to know that some one out there really appreciates you for just being there when life could have been a bit less had you not been there..
    I know all this will not make sense at all but with my understanding of life...I will say..

    "Happiness is You"....Cause you care...to right such wonderful words.....Thank You..

  10. Thanks a lot for your prayers and good wishes :)
    I truly appreciate it! :)

    So you coming in September right??

  11. whats age....??its just a number..i belive..!!
    energy and experince r the real measure...
    and they may vary with age......
    but stil.. i would like to be 18, the age of change...
    well i feel happiness is a choice...
    many a times..u chose the way u want to feel..
    acceptance is necessary for happiness....
    happiness is attitude...and attitude is choice..
    we alwazz find happiness in someway or somethings....but axeptions r alwazz dere and canditions r not alwazz same and happiness becomes a choice.....what others hav to say..??

  12. Yes I am trying level best..

    Its tough to live without Piya.....Everyday without her is like I have not lived for that day..I die a million deaths without her in my arms..

    As a birthday gift..you have some snaps of the only hope & happiness I am left with...in your gmail account...

    I will wait for you to come to Meerut on 26th Sept...
    Best wishes