Sunday, October 25, 2009

10 to 1

Yes, that’s how time flies. It was last Wednesday when I was planning out my to-do list for the 10 days long vacation. But after the stressful week that was- it wasn’t much of a list- the only things I wanted to do were mainly these- meeting up with friends and family, eating & most importantly, getting a good sleep. I have accomplished the first two but the last one, aah, can never get enough of it!

But now, its my last day at home before I head back to college once again. Just another few hours in my warm n cozy bed. I seriously don’t wanna leave. But then who will handle the dust ghosts in my hostel room ?? I guess only I'll have to do that. Now since I am already a cleanliness freak and moreover, I enjoy doing that , so that shouldn’t be much of a problem once I get back. The obvious problem here is that my wonderful diwali break has ended [ I know, nothing lasts forever :P] and I am gonna have to get back to the same rigid routine once again. But nevertheless, so far it has been a wonderful week, Sam kept me a great company throughout my stay here, the only annoying part of my stay, however, has been the several dinners , one after the other – 4 days in a row.

If Shivang were to read this, he would have been like- “Annoying what? Dinner ?? She must be kidding!!” Well, I am not. I abhor this one thing so much – unwanted guests at home and then being invited for dinner at their places. You ask them the occasion, & the reply you get is – “Just a get together!” or stranger still –“ Happiness!”.

What?? Did you think my house is a popular vacation spot or something?

Guests at times can be such a nuisance, especially when they rush in with their 5 year olds along with them. The worse part is that you have to affect an artificial smile all the while! It is an imposition at best and at worse annoying! Sometimes its cool, especially when it’s one of your friends or someone in your family, and I wouldn’t mind if they were to drop in even at 12 in the night but other than that, it’s usually a pain in the backside!

It’s hard to keep your sanity intact at such times...

Anyways, it’s time for me to go do some packing and also catch up with Sam. All in all, it was a very relaxing and a laid-back holiday, just short of a much needed visit to D'Dun which as of now, is due for December :) Apart from the surprises that I'm expecting this week & unfortunately cannot avoid , there are also going to be some really intersting tasks which I & another friend of mine plan to accomplish as soon as possible & so, here I come... ;)


  1. i totally just fell in love with your blog. it is so beautiful. you are such a beautiful person. this is wonderful.