Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nobel call for action

The image of the US is in the finest shape it's been in a very long time, and that's because the rest of the world believes in the kind of leadership President Obama is bringing to his task. But there’s been a lot of debate lately- whether Prez really deserves the Nobel Prize conferred upon him?

According to many, the problem with this recent reward is that it has been awarded at a time when Obama's presidency had not resulted in any concrete results so far. Moreover, as a matter of fact the nomination for the same had concluded when it wasn’t even one month after his inauguration.

Many politicians and scholars have contested that the prestigious prize should not be awarded for simply creating hope for a better future but for the goals that have been achieved and a difference made for the better. But isn’t hope the blueprint for change?? Some even said that Obama won because he was the first black US president. But don’t you think that’s enough of race-card playing here, it’s getting boring!

Obama has given hope not only to the USA but to many in the world. He did not apply or ask for the Nobel Peace prize, he was awarded it for his efforts and aspirations. He has already begun to advance peace, dialogue & inclusiveness of other cultures and these are the sorts of things the world wants to see him moving towards.

The Bush’s loyalists are probably hypocritical for sneering — with absolutely no recognition of their own culpability — that Mr. Obama has not yet ended the wars in Afghanistan and in Iraq. But for God’s sake, eight years of equivocal games and strategy errors don’t just end in nine months!! What more do you expect a Prez to do in a time span that short?

Yes, it’s easy to poke fun, but Obama is a huge figure in world politics & I think he deserved it for what he has accomplished already.

The pundits are wrong when they say that speeches do not matter. On the contrary, words by definition are the clearest expression of one's intentions, of one's hopes. Like Elie Wiesel, once said- "Words can sometimes, in moments of grace, attain the quality of deeds."

The words Obama has spoken across the globe since his inauguration are evidence of what the Norwegian Nobel Committee called his "extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples." So those of you who believe that an industrial-scale output of ozone-destroying vaporous liberal rhetoric now makes him a Nobel Laureate, then yeah, you got it right!! It does. But that is not all!

It has been his humane, honest and sincere approach to the world issues including peace, right from the start of his social and political deliberations, before and after becoming President of the USA, that has won him national and now international accolade. His life so far has been one achievement after another. And I for one, certainly appreciate the fact that this man has carried his values with him all the way to the White House and that’s the reason he’s reached where he is today.

By awarding Obama the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, the Committee probably recognized the fact that the beginning of any comprehensive effort to repair and heal our troubled world is as important, and requires as much vision and moral leadership, and can be as dauntingly complex as its eventual realization.

And in Barack Obama’s own words- this Peace Prize is yet another "call for action”. Indeed!!


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