Wednesday, February 10, 2010

V-Day is here!

In case you thought you are about to read a post on Valentine’s Day or something, then let me point out that you are at the wrong place. Keep hitting that search button until you find what you were actually looking for. Atleast I’ve been doing that since a long time but those attempts have so far been vain. Ever since 6 cases of H1N1 were detected in college, my days have been so happening, full of activity, and thrilling but sadly, all so very unproductive. And categorically, I'm a shameless creature in the sense that just 4 days prior to my T1's, I'm sitting with this laptop- checking out BUZZ, down with fever and wanting to get all drunk! Alright, I can picture that raised eyebrow on your face but honestly, I don't intend to do that especially when I myself abhor people who drink.

There are days when you have this longing for something- for someone, right out of the blue- like the past week it was this craving for rich dark chocolate and then the next day, this baby craving suddenly hit me. The two however, had no relation whatsoever!! Don't get me wrong! Peculiar as it may sound, but as a matter of fact I love babies and that day, all of a sudden I wanted to hold one in my arms and caress her, see those twinkling eyes and that lovely smile. Weird? Yes, maybe... And similarly today, I had this gripping desire to do something outright crazy, something exciting to help shake this empty and dreary feeling I've been having lately.

I wanted to slap somebody really hard today, wanted to pull someone's hair and this someone wasn't any specific person, just in case you thought. I am glad I did both today because had I not, then I would have been miserable. Was no better until evening but still. So thank you guys [Abhi, Mayank n Sharni :)] for being so very patient with me and today in particular. I wanted to speak my heart out, say all the things that have been on my mind & down there in my heart, but my fears and doubts prevented me from doing so. But today I actually did that. Ok-Ok!! I mean kinda, because many more desires, feelings, doubts and opinions still lie down there, layered and concealed. I want them to surface and annoying as it gets for others, so does it for me but trust me, it's not all that easy for me. You better dig deep because otherwise there's no way you can know what's really on my mind and how I feel.

Sometimes you just feel you have to let it out, but due to certain situations and events you hold yourself back until you reach the threshold. You stay silent but then it fills you to the brim and then you wish to share it with someone who can hear you patiently, never judging you, never questioning, not caring what the world and it's people think of you or how you carry yourself or the words you speak. I'm fortunate to have such friends who are tolerant enough to deal with me when I'm cranky, lift me up when I'm down and not to forget- one's who irritate me to no end when I'm all calm and composed :P But I'm delighted to have this lot of my special few in life...Blessed actually.

Today was terrible- one that started with fears and apprehensions that continued to nag me for the rest of my day, until late this evening when I could sort out some of those in order to have a peaceful night's sleep. Some still remain- like an element of doubt about something somewhere but I choose not to talk about it here. The day has ended pretty well, atleast I got a good dose of laughter and that should hopefully keep my spirits up tommorrow, something I seriously doubted back this morning. I thought I would tag this post "V-day" because this day was vapid and vacuous in the truest sense of the word but now here I am, scribbling down my words in the wee hours of the morning, hopeful for yet another morning sun, and positive that this day won't be disappointing as the last few turned out to be. There is so much to accomplish and much further to go & the worst part is that there's a huge traffic jam already! But who cares?? I may be slow but I know I'm steady and I'm here to stay.

As far as Valentine's day is concerned- I think I am already saving for the best. Love has always been in my soul. And I know I qualify as a needful person for love and togetherness with someone who actually will raise me above the rest, someday, somewhere...
I am not desperate, not in the least, and will wait for you- just give me the right setting, the right you and the right time and maybe, we can consider you then! :)

Aaah.. or, forget the "maybe" thing altogether because, if you are going to be that worthy then you better get this straight- I'm not gonna let you go anywhere!

Anyways, enough mumbo jumbo! Celebrate and have an amazing Valentine's Day - those of you who already have plans with your Valentine and for the rest of you, like me, who are still in quest of the same, just keep your fingers crossed, because the one you are looking for might just be around the corner :)


  1. Aaha... :) - "As far as Valentine's day is concerned- I think I am already saving for the best."

    So met your Mr. Best?? :P
    Btw, I hope the one you slapped is in good shape now :P Lol

  2. @ Aditya,

    Hmmmm, maybe... Who knows? :)

    Yeah, Mayank is alright now :P

  3. He'll know what he had been missing once he spots you :)

    Would sure be a lucky guy, however, would be luckier if you don't hit him so hard as you typically do :P

    Anyways, good luck to you for your exams & also for V-day ;)

    Take care beautiful! ;)

  4. @ Aditya,

    Thanks :)
    C ya around!

  5. Hey there! Hows college??
    How was Nipun? So what updates at your end?

  6. @ Aditi,

    Hey! Where have you been ? College is going good. No new updates other than the exams which start next week so just busy there. The event had good participation, a little tricky however.
    Let me know if you need any help organizing the rest.

    Take care!