Thursday, November 11, 2010

Holy Epiphany!

Occasionally, things happen so fast that you have no time to think, yet you know, that sitting back and listening to the voice within is what you need to do. Last month has kept me busy in ways that have been a great learning experience, and I have been involved in all sorts of activities, yet at times, an awareness sneaked up on me so that I did not watch for it. It felt as if nothing is happening. Within. Yet, everything was. Strange as it is, it somewhat didn’t allow me to examine & reflect my current standing when that’s what I strived to do on the inside. Little had I understood that it was exactly where the problem lied. I had absolutely no need to examine. No need to wonder. No need to question. No need to fret. Absolutely none. I can’t express how relieving the realization is! Holy Epiphany!

Took me a while but thank God it struck me at last. Struck me hard! I have been hoping for things yet not believing in them. What I was missing all this while was Faith. Hope and Faith are inextricably bound and yet so different. And, stronger of the two is Faith because while hope is the means, faith is based on the ends. It is when you know ( I mean, really know) that whatever the outcome will be, it'll only be for the better. When your world takes on new dimensions, it’s easy for doubt and fear to creep in. Yet without faith there can be no new facets to growth, no new joys to experience & no greater possibilities. We do not know what tomorrow holds for us, but we do know WHO holds tomorrow. Once you grasp it- that is enough!

We all spend a lifetime coming to terms with our doubts and fears, why then is it so hard to spend a lifetime coming to terms with our faith? There are questions we just can’t answer, but that is such a relief now because, I know I don’t have to answer them. That was never my job! Silly me! That’s job of that expert we know by the name of God. When He’s at it already, why should I bother? All I know is that when He answers, He answers it best. Always. No exceptions. Right now I can just say that it’s overwhelming for me to know that something big, something absolutely incredible & magnificent is in making. I don't know when, where or how, but of late, I’ve started feeling so. I can’t iterate this enough – FAITH, FAITH, FAITH! In God. In your Future. That’s all that counts. There is absolutely no space for doubt, since doubt attracts doubt and faith attracts faith. Once you get to this point, it feels wonderful – it’s almost as if all the weight of responsibility is gently taken from your shoulders and you release a sigh of ease. All you need to do is, Let go & Let God. Because he will take you where you really want to be. Don’t worry, ‘How’? It is overrated!

Now, the next time you are stuck in mid air and hating it, trust that you’re on the right track (because you are). That’s where the good stuff starts because mid air is real & it is very, very valuable – it is the space between the ground and your dreams & desires. Take a few deep breaths into the panic, perhaps go lie down or close your eyes as you see yourself poised to take off. Soon enough, you’ll be out there. Out of the turbulence, the cloudiness,  coasting along smoothly. But first, you’ve got to loosen your grip and leap!  Do it or be thrown off. 
Taking a leap of faith is often one of the hardest things, but once you do it, you’re liberated. Literally. Oh and by the way, just so that you know, you’re not stuck.
You’re Airborne !!
Launched :)


  1. "We do not know what tomorrow holds for us, but we do know WHO holds tomorrow." I think you really wrapped up all in this sentence. Good reading... that too in the morning...

  2. @ Neeraj Bhushan,

    Thanks! Have a great day ahead :)

  3. awesome words...loved them..

  4. Thanks Kriti :)
    Btw, do I know you?

  5. Expressions evolves when you ferment experiences slowly and then have them as Wine .. :)
    choice of words also needs talent, may be command over the language too to an extent. But what I am fascinated is from your 'Expressions'. Very nice , just like an old wine, yet it tastes young enough :) :)

  6. I like the way you put it ;)

  7. A really nice read....

    Simply loved those last lines.."Taking a leap of faith is often one of the hardest things, but once you do it, you’re liberated. Literally. Oh and by the way, just so that you know, you’re not stuck."

    It happens...Sometimes, we loose faith on ourself, we feel low. But, still we got to keep faith and hope in those times. I think i'll remember these lines, next time it happens to me. :)

  8. It's only after you lose faith in yourself that you are tempted and sometimes even compelled to have faith in god. Else if there was really any faith in one's own self, and confidence in one's own self, one wouldn't need god to help them through anything.

  9. @ Devdutt Rathod,

    Yes, Indeed! What a relief it is to know that He's the one who's in control of everything that was, is or ever goin' to be!

  10. Faith and Hope.. and you know why the world still says.."tomorrow is another day"...
    Faith is the source of all the Power of the divine existence you and I believe in. You cease to believe, he ceases to exist...
    In whatever form you acknowledge him. just believe. Like this little angel tells you to.
    Airborne.. :D

  11. How true! - "You cease to believe, he ceases to exist".

    I'm relieved to know somebody understands what weaves the tapestry of all life and existence!

    Two simple words, yet it takes people an entire lifetime to get it and live it out - "just believe".

    Lots of Love :)