Saturday, April 2, 2011


With it's ensemble of silence and wild celebrations, tonight has left me speechless yet another time. Strangely, even when mum's the word, I've so many thoughts all hitherto scattered, yet in an instant, every idea which previously came tumbling in, now seems to fit in like some missing piece of a puzzle & guess what ? All that comes packed with a cricket tournament! Needless to say, tonight was definitely memorable 1). Because of India's remarkable victory & 2). Because after being hooked to the screen for all these hours, I can sense in my spirit that everything is undeniably sorted regardless of the current status quo or the appearances. Sometimes the after-effects of cheering for your team can turn out to be considerably astounding ;) 
Never knew watchin' re-run of a match that was fixed could be so mind-blowing!


  1. Our country has to think beyond Kricket and Kashmir. Only then we can achieve what we intend to. Fixing has taken a heavy toll on the spirit of the game.

  2. All I had on my mind during and after the game was how 1 last ball could turn the whole story around :)