Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Why Can't You?


 Here Stands God on the day of Creation...

 He looks at the stars and he says - "All you stars! Move yourself to this place & start in this order & move in a circle & move exactly as I tell you until I give you another word!"

 And they all obey him!

He then says - "Planet, pick yourself up in the world, mix this formation at my command , until I give you another word!"

And, rightfully it obeys, even to this day!

He Looks at the Mountains and He says - "Be lifted up!"

And then what happens? They obey Him!

 He tells the Valleys - " Be cast down!"

 Naturally, again they obey him!

    He looks at the Sea and says - "You will only come so far!"

Guess, what happens next? Yes, the Sea obeys! 

And then He looks at You and gently says - "Come!"



And you go-"NOOOOO! NO WAY!"

Ain't that making example outta you?

 Then, here you stand wondering why are you still where you are in life? Why is there no progress? Why all this pain & sorrow in the world? 

No wonder, you couldn't ever figure out! 

Having the free will to choose does not mean you take up the post of the General Manager of the Universe! The day you resign & let Him take charge, you'll realize that He's as capable of taking care of your own small world (Yes, better than you) as efficiently he sustains the whole Universe!

The freedom and peace doing that brings -nothing else does!

Go Figure!


  1. What a 'divine' photo feature. And what a message to start your day with :)

  2. @ Neeraj,

    Thanks. Hope you have a wonderful day ahead! :)
    God Bless! :)

  3. Excellent post:)

  4. @ Anonymous,

    Thanks! You've been given an identity!
    Why be anonymous then? :P

  5. Only one can have an identity. either me or your god. you decide.

  6. Wow! That was startling!

    God/Source (or whatever you call him) lives in you, for you and through you. If that truth still makes you have identity crisis, then you have not yet even begun!

    Anyhow, if all there is to you is your identity, it doesn't make his any less. You can't unring a bell! Can you?

    Who ever told you that only one can have an identity (you or god)? If it were so, what are these millions of people that identify god, or better still, those who identify themselves with him, in him?


    You decide.

  7. I have decided.. :) your words are so overwhelming.. i love the combination of philosophy, intellect, illustrations and the different levels of subtle and apt humor in the post. Its a very rare combination and can only be seen in very a earnest and heartfelt piece of work. Keep writing my love. :)

  8. And you have grown to be such a delightful lady!! :)Miss you!

  9. Coming from somebody who I've always admired and cherished, it's a real compliment :) Thanks di!

    I am glad you liked them..
    Think it's high time we got together. Can't wait to see that charming face :)
    Give my love to everyone at home & for you - muuuuahhhh :)Miss you as much & more...

    Love you!

  10. Wonderful. Wonderful. Wonderful.

    I'll not write more
    And disturb the beauty galore